Superior Management?

Elon Musk is most noted for two things: SpaceX, which is going gangbusters, and Tesla, which is not.

Tesla’s problems with battery production at the company’s Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada, are worse than the company has acknowledged and could cause further delays and quality issues for the new Model 3, according to a number of current and former Tesla employees. These problems include Tesla needing to make some of the batteries by hand and borrowing scores of employees from one of its suppliers to help with this manual assembly, said these people.

Um, you can make stuff by hand if you’re a low-volume bespoke manufacturer, not when you’re trying to secure a portion of the worldwide automobile market.

But what if this is intentional? Mr. Musk takes the truly competent and has them design and make reusable rockets (something that NA$A, despite being around for over fifty years has yet to figure out) and the less so get to almost make cars that might never be delivered.

Just a thought.

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