I Could Use One of These


The cylinder of uranium is the size of a coffee can. Even with its shielding and detectors, the device is still no larger than a wastepaper basket. But this little prototype, soon to be tested in the Nevada desert, fuels a dream of an off-world future for humanity.

The Kilopower project, a joint venture between NASA and the Department of Energy, is set to be the first nuclear fission reactor to reach space since the SNAP 10A project in the 1960s. A prototype is in testing, which makes it closer to launch than any of the other projects that popped up in the intervening decades.

The Kilopower reactor is designed to operate at two sizes, a one kilowatt (1,000 watt) model and a 10 kilowatt model.

Sign me up for one of those!

One Response to “I Could Use One of These”

  1. Dan says:

    The power companies are gonna HATE THIS if it’s successful. Imagine owning a 10Kw generator for your home. NO MORE GRID NEEDED. For those of us who live in the boonies and experience routine power failures
    this would be a godsend. But since such a device would foster independence
    don’t expect the government to EVER allow it to be made available to the public.