Solving Half The Problem

We show that the introduction of medical marijuana laws (MMLs) leads to a decrease in violent crime in states that border Mexico. The reduction in crime is strongest for counties close to the border (less than 350 kilometres) and for crimes that relate to drug trafficking. In addition, we find that MMLs in inland states lead to a reduction in crime in the nearest border state. Our results are consistent with the theory that decriminalisation of the production and distribution of marijuana leads to a reduction in violent crime in markets that are traditionally controlled by Mexican drug trafficking organisations.

(Complete abstract, Readers. No need to click through)

This seems to address one major part of The War On (Some) Drugs. How do you think the other part is going to react? I mean, with pot off the table (a table it should never have been on), whatever are our Heroes In Blues going to do with all those armored vehicles? How will they accept the knowledge that they’ve thrown their last flash-bang into a toddler’s crib?

Silly Observation: If this gets accepted by the Gummint, does this mean that this same Gummint will reverse the nearly fifty year-old evisceration of the Fourth Amendment? Yeah, me neither.

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