Bundy, From The Other Side

So yeah, I read about the outcome of the latest Bundy trial (yay!) from the same places you did. I went over to Instapundit to see about the Good Professor’s take on it and found nothing. Disappointing, but not surprising; he might be listed as on our side, but he’s an awfully centrist neo-Nazi type [/sarc].

Comes today, and he finally notices it:


This is an interesting choice of linkagery, as Mr. Turley is a no-kidding liberal. So let’s take a look at what Professor Turley has to say:

The result has been the expenditure of millions on prosecutions based in part on some troubling theories and advanced through unethical means. Yet, there is not even a suggestion of discipline from Main Justice, which is why this pattern will continue in federal courts. The Justice Department has never shown a particularly credible record of policing its own ranks. The Brady violations reflect the absence of any real deterrent due to this culture of tolerance and willful blindness at Main Justice. Hopefully, the review ordered by Sessions will result in real changes and actions by Main Justice to deal with this persistent problem. However, in seeking changes, Sessions will face a bureaucracy with a proven record of resistance to reform.

Alright, so we got a peek behind the curtain. What now? Pretty much nothing, I’m afraid. Undoubtedly, the most guilty will be encouraged to resign. Count on hearing nothing about this until long after their departures. About the only thing that might make the news will be any severance packages. This will be noteworthy only if you’re paying attention, as I expect some outrage about the paucity of these agreements from our so-called allies (the law and order types who cannot conceive of the Gummint ever being wrong) even as we scream and holler that these mokes shouldn’t have gotten a dime.

Then what? Crickets, for several months at least. Then there will be some press releases that nobody will read announcing that so-and-so has been hired by such-and-such law firm. And things will continue as they have been. Y’see boys and girls, the legal edifice in this country is absolutely terrified of a hard look at the whole slimy business of “immunity”, which has been a judicially created protection over the course of the 20th Century. Any sort of scrutiny will collapse the whole thing, and that cannot be countenanced, much less endured. After all, laws are for the little people.

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