The Weather

Yes, that Polar Vortex/Cold Front thing has reached Florida. It’s going to be (just) below freezing for the next three nights, and the Regularly Scheduled weather won’t return until Sunday.

ASIDE: This is one of the few times I miss having a TV set and cable service. How this works is that the Weather Bunnies ™ (a generic non-sex specific term) get on camera and shriek about the citrus crop and stacks of frozen children at the school bus stops. The only thing better is during a hurricane, when these intellectual paragons site themselves at the end of a jetty to tell us all about the storm that we can see by looking out a window. Being the empathetic sort that I am, I root for a wave sweeping them off into the sea in mid-broadcast.

The change in weather was, as usual, ushered in with rain. New Year’s Day was drizzly and cool, and The Game was for the young Lord to run around outside to get himself thoroughly damp, hop onto my lap and shake himself off. Good times.

Last night, our cold-adapted VikingCat proved that for all the floof and fur, he’s still a cat:

Yes, that’s Deathwalker, whose ancestors helped to terrorize Northwest Europe and travel to the New World (from whence we have the Maine Coon), sleeping under a blanket.

(Sorry about the blurry photo. The built-in camera on the laptop here is OK for video, but much less so for pictures)

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