Not Shutting Up, Wesley

Srsly, Mr. Wheaton, when you’ve been memed, you really have only two choices: revel in it or ignore it. You have instead decided to take the third course and complain about it. Bad move, sir.

The link to where these “minifigs” can be purchased is here:

Seventy-five quid?! Crikey!

Back to our subject:

Another brief and related note on “Shut up, Wesley”, from a Reddit thread seven months ago:

People have been saying this to me since I was fourteen. I’m nearly 45. I’ve heard this for the entirety of my adult life. It’s annoying. It isn’t funny, it isn’t clever, and it’s just become obnoxious.

Here we have a stellar example of Doing It Wrong. One has every right in the world to one’s opinion, of course, but when one publically expresses that opinion, folks are also going to react to that, especially the ones who were using the meme for trolling in the first place.

I was in my mid-30’s when the Mistah Crushah character appeared, and I knew this was for the kiddies, just as the Ewoks were. Didn’t really mind him too much, after all he wasn’t anywhere as annoying as Jar-Jar Binks, amirite? Besides, there were far more important things to criticize, such as the portrayal of the one truly capitalistic race, the Ferengi, as at least unseemly and somewhat unclean. For starters, ST:TNG never explained how such obvious untermenschen managed to become both starfaring and integrated into the interstellar economy.

Back to Mister Crush-, um, Wheaton. The above linked post wasn’t sufficient; he had to double down:

At least three blogs linked to my blog about the minifigs today. All three of the ones I saw essentially quoted the entire thing, and then added commentary that misrepresented what I said, and what my intention was when I said it.

Another blog, home to one of the most pathetic, sad, empty, angry, hateful failures in the universe also linked to it.

The resulting flood of toxic and cruel and hateful people into my life has been appalling and revealing.

D00d, just what in the Delta Quadrant are you doing here? As I noted to Jeffersonian in a Skype chat, I’m not into bullying, nor am I inclined to being gratuitously mean to people, but when someone approaches me and says “if I give you $20, will you give me a wedgie?” it becomes awfully hard to resist.


Some inside baseball stuff for some of you: the pushback against the tide of encroaching leftism occupies many fronts. Many of you regular readers know full well about gun control and legitimizing and normalizing firearms. What you might not realize that this Kulturkampf also includes Science Fiction, and the …Another blog, home to one of the most pathetic, sad, empty, angry, hateful failures in the universe also linked to it he referred to would be this one:

The “failure” who runs Vox Populi started Infogalactic (the Wikipedia alternative), Castalia House publishing, and is now setting up a comic book series entitled Alt*Hero. And that just what he’s done in the past two or three years.

Rather than bore y’all to death with minutiae, just know that you have allies in this that you don’t realize you have, and they are doing Good Deeds on your behalf in areas you don’t realize are important.

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