Yeah, That’s Gonna Work

Mankind hasn’t yet explored some of the most interesting objects in our own solar system — heck, we still don’t even know all that much about Earth itself — but that isn’t stopping NASA from setting its sights at a destination so distant that it would take decades for a spacecraft to even get there. A tentative mission is currently being outlined that would see NASA send a spacecraft on an interstellar mission to explore the Alpha Centauri system.

The proposed journey, which was revealed by scientists with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the 2017 Geophysical Union Conference and reported by New Scientist, was born out of a budget mandate to make progress on interstellar travel. Now, NASA is working on technology that, if all goes as planned, could allow a spacecraft to reach ten percent of light speed and the goal is to have it ready by 2069 with Alpha Centauri in its sights.

An expensive, complicated mission to someplace we already know doesn’t have any place to colonize? Even when they try to do the right thing, NA$A cannot help being NA$A.

And 2069? As in fifty-two years? Puh-leeze, that’s gonna work out just fine. Picture this scenario, if you will: the lauded expedition finally arrives at their destination. Great hopes have been expressed for a repeat of the 1969 Moon landing, in terms of hype, propaganda, and national prestige, when the broadcast is interrupted–

“Ahoy, unknown spacecraft: you are in orbit around planet Elon. If you intend to visit, please have your documents in order and prepare to be boarded for inspection by our customs agents.”

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    Merry Christmas Peter.