Keep Tweeting, Don

National reciprocity for concealed carry passed the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday is expected to receive a floor vote before the end of the year.
The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 was introduced by Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) on January 3, 2017. It changes federal law that so concealed carry permits are treated like driver’s licenses, making a permit from one state valid in the other 49. This would fix the complicated and often confusing patchwork of concealed carry laws currently in effect throughout the country.

To put it simply, Hudson’s bill allows the common man to defend himself and his family as he travels throughout this country.

On November 28 Breitbart News reported that Hudson’s legislation was scheduled for a markup in the House Judiciary Committee and the markup would serve as the last stop before a floor vote.

In fact, the markup demonstrated the committee’s confidence that national reciprocity was headed to the floor.

Please note that this is happening while Our Betters are being sent to their fainting couches every time the God Emperor tweets something they don’t like. And seeing that he’s ZOMG ORANGE DORITO HITLER, that’s pretty much every day. If Trump was one of those Wilbur Milquetoast types that the GOP has a penchant for nominating, this would’ve been the subject of all-day-every-day coverage.

So, what’s my prediction here? Expect another school shooting or mass murder event, because that’s the only way OPFOR has of stopping this from becoming law.

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