Might I Make a Suggestion?


The Navy’s fast-and-maneuverable littoral combat ship was criticized for lacking enough firepower and armor to survive a maritime battle.

The Navy is addressing those concerns with a new class of small-but-powerful frigates that will pack a bigger punch.

The Navy asked this month for concept proposals for multi-mission warships that would be bigger and more heavily armed – and slower – than the littoral combat ships.

They would be capable of shooting down airplanes, attacking other ships and countering submarines.

Fellas? While you’re at it, how about introducing a double turret for your current 5-inch guns? Or maybe look into that slick Swedish (IIRC) 8-inch rifle? If you’re going to be operating close inshore, the Marines that you’re supposed to be supporting would really appreciate some on-call artillery until they can get their own batteries set up.

Just a suggestion.

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