Can’t argue with that.

One Response to “Truth”

  1. jcd (a/k/a Bill Nye, the Asshole Guy) says:

    With Rome burning, only a cucking faggot
    and stupid mutt would post Pussy pics.
    I guess you have two blogs, knuckledraggin.
    You welfare sluts must get more in Tennessee.
    Just kidding……I know you’re not kenny.
    But you are a shitbag poser.

    (It’s poseur, you ignorant fuckwad. And proper names are capitalized. Despite the personal circumstance that forced you to drop out of school in Kindergarten, you have no excuse to not be fluent in your native idiom, you halfwit.)

    “Really, Bill?

    Taking shots at me while hiding behind Sam’s skirts? That’s pretty weak, even for you. Come say what you have to say, to my face. That is if you have the spine.
    Fucking pussy.”

    (Original quote from here:

    Sure thing, tough guy.
    You sound like a lisping grade-schooler on the playground, desperately trying to convince the other kids that you’re
    not gay.
    But even back then, they already knew you were destined to be a champion bathhouse brawler.

    (Again with the homo references, Billy Boy? You need to up your game. Of course, the obvious conclusion is projection, which is to be expected from a Lot Lizard such as yourself. Go look it up, and take a good look in the mirror.

    Oh, I also corrected your syntax. When you finally get your copy of English for Dummies, Assholes, and Patriot Wannabes pay attention to the chapters on punctuation.