Orange Hitler

We are all reliably informed that the current occupant of the White House will utterly destroy the Republic as it now stands. Along the way, his Administration will rob women of the vote (and back into the kitchen) and send brown people either back to their country of origin or onto the nearest plantation.

I wonder how those folks will ‘interpret’ this:

President Donald Trump confirmed that he did intervene with China President Xi Jinping in the case of three UCLA basketball players who were arrested after shoplifting in China and those players are set to leave the country.

I don’t really know what to think here. Doing stupid stuff, especially when one is a guest of a foreign country, should be painful and unpleasant. The published sentences, however, seem to be a bit over the top. Then there’s the issue of what lesson is being imparted here. As it stands, being a top-tier athlete absolves that player from most consequences, with the result being that we get to find out about all sorts of bad things after they turn professional. I just don’t know.

But given who is running the media these days, you don’t get to be surprised if I’m one of the few outlets that’ll tell you about this. And the ones who do will somehow manage to tell you that the President spared them the pleasures of the Chinese penal system because he thinks that they’re particularly suited to pick cotton.

One Response to “Orange Hitler”

  1. Jeffersonian says:

    “White billionaire kicks black family out of public housing.”