Where Are My Riots?

I was promised some rioting today.


I mean, we’re talking about a bunch of over-entitled brats here, are we not? I don’t expect discipline, training, or any of the things that suggest competence, but throwing a large public temper tantrum with free bonus vandalism should have been right in their wheelhouse.

It would appear that attendance was somewhat underwhelming.

What is the world coming to, if you cannot rely on lefty jerks doing what they do best?

UPDATE: Check out this picture:

Direct your attention, Dear Reader, to the young lady over at the right. No, not the one with the p*ssy hat, the blue-haired vision of femininity just behind her. The sign she’s holding reads “I am sexually attracted to indictments” just in case your monitor won’t display the photo properly. Any one care to bet that she won’t react that way to a democrat being indicted?

Very disappointing, all in all.

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