I’m Suddenly In The Mood For Pizza

h/t Wirecutter


For some reason, the linked site won’t let me copypasta. Fine. I’ll just type it all out. Any typographical errors are Bill Gates’ fault.

“Hampton Station, a popular pizza and craft beer restaurant in Tampa, has banned all children, angering many neighborhood residents.”

OK, I’m going to call bullshennanigans right there. The sorts that would go out for a slice and a bottle of It’s Really Pretty Obscure craft beer don’t want anything to do with your ill behaved and likely unwashed spawn working out their behavioral issues while trying to eat.

Mind you, I’m the guy who does his grocery shopping after 2200 hours so he doesn’t have to deal with the seminar entitled “How To Beat Your Kids In Public” over in Aisle 27, so there’s likely some bias here. Then there’s the part about how I wouldn’t be here typing at you today if I had acted in the way I regularly see kids acting in public nowadays.

I’d like to tell y’all that this place has a brand new customer-for-life, but there aren’t any “as the crow flies” roads between here and there; in fact, the magic computer box tells me it’s 83.1 miles door-to-door. That’s a bit far for a coupla slices.

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