Better Than Nothing

…but not nearly enough:

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – A Utah police officer was fired Tuesday after being seen on video roughly handcuffing a nurse because she refused to allow a blood draw in an incident that became a flashpoint in the national conversation about use of force.

Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown made the decision to fire Detective Jeff Payne after an internal investigation found he violated department policies when he arrested nurse Alex Wubbels and dragged her screaming from the hospital, department spokesman Sgt. Brandon Shearer said.

Brown said in a disciplinary letter that he was “deeply troubled” by Payne’s conduct, which he described as “inappropriate, unreasonable, unwarranted, discourteous, disrespectful” and said brought “significant disrepute” on the department.

“You demonstrated extremely poor professional judgment (especially for an officer with 27 years of experience), which calls into question your ability to effectively serve the public and the department,” Brown wrote.

And in yet another example of why most people hate lawyers:

Attorney Greg Skordas, who represents Payne, has said his client served the department well for nearly three decades and questioned whether his behavior warranted termination. Skordas couldn’t immediately be reached for comment Tuesday.

Wanna bet he was hiding behind something bullet resistant? Yeah, I wouldn’t take that bet either.

Payne’s supervisor, Lt. James Tracy, was demoted to officer.

Given the number of times that we’ve heard of actions that would land you or me behind bars justified as “being within Departmental protocols, I suppose I should be happy, but I’m not.

Where is the arrest? The indictment? You’re never going to get the police to act like the rest of us until you start treating them like the rest of us. And what we all saw on that video was illegal detention, assault, and an unlawful arrest, clear felonies. Firing Officer Friendly just so he can surface in some other department is hardly a punishment.

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