Kalashnikov, you know, the guys who make the Other Black Rifle, are prototyping a one man hovercraft for battlefield applications. Here are a coupla vidyas:

(The narration is in Russian, and the closed captioning translation is both incomplete and at time hilarious. The pictures however, tell the whole story.)

Also, this time in English:

The problem, as with all of these things (no matter the size/payload) are the batteries. The thing is certainly quieter than the internal combustion engine ones, like the HoverBike. Still you only get 30 minutes of flight time. And that’s with just the pilot. It’s set up for one passenger, but you and I both know that in combat, somebody is going to try to get a wounded soldier back to the aid station with one of these. Only time and experience will see if that works.

And now for the obligatory AK joke: since we all “know” that you cannot hit the side of a barn from the inside with an AKM, do you think that the hovercraft version will fare any better?

I’ll be here all week, folks.

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