Today’s Lesson

So, the Las Vegas shooting. There really isn’t anything I could say that others haven’t already, so I won’t waste your time. Not to mention the part about how the story keeps changing, so any sort of observation on my part would have an extremely short shelf life.

What I will talk about are the ghouls who are dancing in the still-warm blood of the victims, demanding yet more gun control. Normally, I’d make a few sarcastic comments about how making something that’s already illegal even more so will totally solve the problem. But, as I’ve just said, others have already covered that one, and beyond expressing my contempt, I’m just wasting your time.

If you should be unlucky enough to run into one of these mopes, here’s a handy phrase you can use:

third-party indemnification

That boils down to mean that neither you nor I can be held liable for the bad actions of others. A very direct definition of this was provided by Tamara Keel some years ago:

None of my guns murdered anybody last night, so piss off.

(This is from memory, so it might not be an exact quote, but it’s certainly close enough.)

You and I can (and should) be held to account for whatever any of us might do. Punishing people who aren’t responsible for the Las Vegas shooting is a non-starter, and verbally slapping around some idiot who thinks that is a fine idea deserves everything they get.

So ends today’s lesson.

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