A 23-year-old man who threw burning flares into a Portland police cruiser and the downtown Target store during May 1 protests that overran downtown Portland admitted guilt Monday and will be sentenced to five years in prison.

A local TV station aired live footage of Damion Zachary Feller hurling a flare through a shattered picture window at Target, prompting employees to run with fire extinguishers to put out a burning section of carpet. TV and cellphone cameras also caught Feller throwing a flare through the shattered window of a battered police SUV parked across the street from Target, at Southwest 10th Avenue and Morrison.

That’s different. It wasn’t very long ago that these sorts of shenanigans in Granolaville would’ve passed unremarked, much less with a fairly substantial felony conviction and sentence. I’ve been reading about how the somewhat-less-insane Left has been distancing itself from the true nut jobs. Considering that the media is strongly left-leaning, to say that I was somewhat skeptical risks massive understatement.

And do note that Portland is one of the most liberal cities in America, to say nothing of the Northwest.

And although I applaud that people are being held accountable for their misdeeds, I cannot help but wonder if Johnny Jailbird had limited himself to torching Target, would he be facing prison? Would the police have been so keen to bag this guy if he hadn’t set a police SUV on fire?

Ha, ha, trick question: we all know the answer to that one.

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