P*ssing Off All the Right People


Last week, we blogged about today’s Kuridsh Independence referendum. Yesterday’s Kurdish independence rally attracted an enormous crowd, perhaps foreshadowing nearly 80% of the reported 3.9 million registered voters turning out at the polls today.

Jubilant Kurds described today as “the best day of their life” and some even took to flying the Brazilian flag because there were no Kurdish ones left.

Embedded in the cited post are links to both The Guardian and the execrable New York Times. Enough is quoted so you don’t need to reward either with a click-through.

Anyway, the Kurds are far from perfect, even by Middle Eastern standards. But a declaration of independence will thoroughly p*ss off the Turks and Iranians, and to a lesser extent, the Iraqis. And that right there is enough to wish them well.

UPDATE: The Iraqis are not amused:


BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The Iraqi government gave the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) until Friday 3:00 p.m (1200 GMT) to hand over control of its airports in order to avoid an international air embargo, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said, according to state TV.

The measure is meant as a retaliation against the independence referendum held by the KRG in northern Iraq on Monday.

Domestic flights are not involved in the ultimatum and in the worst case, international travel to and from the KRG will be re-routed through Baghdad and other Iraqi airports.

Baghdad last week asked foreign countries to stop direct flights to the international airports of Erbil and Sulaimaniya, in KRG territory, but only Iran declared such an air embargo, halting direct flights to and from Iraqi Kurdistan.

Humanitarian and “emergency” flights are exempted, provided they are pre-approved by Baghdad, Abadi said.

Them’s fighting words. No matter where the borders end up being drawn, Kurdistan will be landlocked and airports will be the only real way to travel to and from there. And do notice the players here: the Iraqis made the demand and Iran signed onto it. As I wrote earlier in this piece, an independent Kurdish state absolutely p*sses off the right people.

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  1. Jeffersonian says:

    I seem to recall Col. Kratman doing a column or two on the Kurds, when he was writing for Everyjoe. Having been there and interacted with them. As you observe, they’re not perfect, but f*** Iran and Iraq also.