Bless Their Hearts

Gungrabbers never learn. They certainly haven’t learnt to stop making debunked claims:

I have a theory that the quickest way to get legislative gun control in this country would be to start a movement that successfully convinces millions of black folks to join the NRA. I’m not pro-gun, I just know that a gun rights movement fueled largely by white fright would suddenly see the logic in gun restrictions if more people that didn’t look like them carried firearms.

(Excerpted from here: BTW, it’s written by sci-fi author Tom Knighton)

White fright? Try fear of encroaching Gummint overreach, Sparky.

I know I’m a Second Amendment absolutist, which puts me in the minority in terms of gun owners. Plus, having lived through the crack cocaine epidemic during the 1980’s, something that puts me even more into the minority is when I say “a black man with a gun is equal”. Just counting my block in the Bronx, there were hundreds of black and brown folks who lived at the mercy of the gangs and drug dealers that infested our neighborhood. That has to change. Plus, at least in NYC, the only time we ever saw either the Mayor or the Challenger was when they wanted our vote. The rest of the time? We didn’t exist. I’m not saying a crowd of angry and armed people gathered in front of Gracie Mansion will fix everything, but it sure would get some needed improvements underway.

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