The Once and Future Queen

A young British girl swimming at a lake in the United Kingdom believed to hold the legendary King Arthur’s famous sword happened upon a shiny sword herself.

Matilda Jones, 7, was swimming with family at Dozmary Pool while on vacation last Tuesday, when she discovered a shiny sword beneath the water, The Sheffield Star reported.

The last Matilda on the English throne wasn’t exactly a success, so this Matilda might be facing an uphill battle. Then again, the Brits haven’t exactly has good luck with kings named Charles, and the current Prince of Wales is named Charles. (off topic aside: maybe that’s the reason that Elizabeth has hung on as long as she has. If she can outlive ol’ Chucky, she can die safe in the knowledge that she’ll be replaced by William)

Matilda’s father, Paul, clearly has no sense of magic:

He also believes the sword is just a film prop, and can’t be more than 20 or 30 years old.

Way to go, Dad. You might well be in the running to replace this guy as Worst Father on Earth:

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