Even the Normies Get It

In yesterday’s post (http://seeemilyplay.therealgunguys.com/?p=6197) I spoke of the incident between a nurse and a detective, something that many of the bloggers that we all read did also.

Well, it’s a new day, and there’s more. It isn’t any surprise that those of us who are members of the Leave Me The Hell Alone party would be all over this, but it seems that non-party members have also noticed.


Every Cop Involved in the Arrest of This Utah Nurse for Refusing to (Illegally) Draw a Patient’s Blood Needs to Be Fired

(Actually, they need to be taken out and hanged, but fired is a good first step)

Payne has been suspended from the police’s blood draw program but remains on duty. He needs to be shown the door. It doesn’t matter if he was just following orders, he should have known he didn’t have the authority. For that matter, Wubbels herself was just following orders. She served the hospital, which had strict guidelines for drawing blood that the police were attempting to bully her into ignoring.

Tracy needs to be shown the door, too. We don’t see Tracy in the video acting the way Payne did, but it’s very clear from the Tribune’s coverage that the lieutenant did also insist that he had the authority to force Wubbels to draw blood, even though he most assuredly did not.

See that, police guys? When the squishy, marshmallow-spined folks at Reason are calling for your heads, you gotta know that you’ve gone too far.

The first reaction was to suspend Detective Badgethug from the blood-drawing unit, but was otherwise on active duty. Comes today, and we find that he (and another so far unnamed cop) have been placed on the well-known “administrative leave”, a/k/a free paid vacation while they’re sorting this out:


City officials said late Friday the Unified Police Department would conduct the criminal probe. Meanwhile, an internal affairs investigation by Salt Lake City police into the officer, Detective Jeff Payne, also is ongoing. Payne was placed on administrative leave Friday afternoon, as was a second unnamed officer connected to the confrontation.

Just as a reminder that George Orwell’s spirit is alive and well, we get this:

Gill said he discussed the situation with Mayor Jackie Biskupski and Chief Mike Brown on Friday morning, and they agreed it would be appropriate to conduct an investigation in the name of ”transparency and institutional accountability.”

In case you’re a bit slow on the uptake, “transparency and institutional accountability” translated into plain English is “there isn’t any way we can either ignore this or sweep it under the rug”.

Finally, I’ve taken some pains to use links from local news sources. I first heard of this from the odious and execrable Washington Post, and there’s no way that I’ll supply a link to a paper that cannot die in a fire soon enough for my taste.

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