That Escalated Quickly

So in today’s ElfChat ™, we were having a fairly adult conversation about North Korea, and suddenly it goes off the rails:

Dean Kalifornia: Give it to the South and they sell us rare earth metals


thedweeze: and don’t forget that the Norks have been positing us as the main enemy for 60 years….US troops in NK would create an “unfortunate” reaction…let the SK do it

Jeffersonian1: yeah, SK isn’t using those hand-me-down Garands anymore

thedweeze: heh

thedweeze: they can conquer NK by handing out those exploding cell phones

Jeffersonian1: dah-dum-kish

thedweeze: oh, and painting the Korean equivalent of “the South shall rise again!” on their tanks

Jeffersonian1: “Oh I whish I was in the land of kimchee”

thedweeze: [takes thought, runs with it]

Jeffersonian1: AS I KNEW YOU WOULD

Jeffersonian1: “Look away, look away, look away, Panmunjom”

Jeffersonian1: and few if any of our readers will understand

thedweeze: and then accuse us of being pro-slavery

Dean Kalifornia: North Dixie?

Dean Kalifornia: Oh we’re all stuck n the land of Rotten

Jeffersonian1: “Long pork fried in Marxist batter / makes Kim Jong Un a little fatter”

Dean Kalifornia: Bad times there are all we’ve gotten

Jeffersonian1: Dweeze, you’re copying this down right?

Dean Kalifornia: Hum a few bars

thedweeze: [dear Lord! What have I done? They’re *both* doing it!]


Dean Kalifornia: Hears distant banjos, paddle faster

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