A Sign of Victory

…or at least a sure sign that Our Kind are winning:


The jacket isn’t the point (WalMart also sells a concealed carry vest as well). That the WalMartians are selling this is. It wasn’t that long ago that this sort of thing was banned from polite society. I really like this mainstreaming thing. I never quite understood why I needed to be defensive for the awful crime of exercising a Constitutionally affirmed universal human Right.

Remember, when someone wants to “have a discussion about gun control” with you, the proper response is “we’ve already had that conversation, and your side lost”. Mockery isn’t required, but will afford you bonus points.

PS: Yeah, I know: Rothco. Then there’s the part about your heater shifting around and then having trouble getting it out when needed. I probably won’t buy this for CC, but I’ve never once said I have too many pockets.

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