Point, Proven


District attorneys’ offices across Louisiana are offering pre-trial diversion programs for traffic tickets, according to an investigation by The Lens. Under the programs, the fines associated with the tickets go directly to the DA’s office, and drivers can avoid having their tickets treated as moving violations and thus avoid higher insurance premiums.

The hustle reveals what a central role revenue-raising plays in policing.

Umm, no. This isn’t a revelation, but a confirmation of what many of us have suspected for years.

The fact that some moving violations can be downgraded so easily to non-moving violations suggests that they were not moving violations in the first place—that they were always primarily revenue-raising endeavors.

Gee, ya think?

Along with asset forfeiture, this is our devotion to law and order being exploited. I can already hear the tear-filled press conferences when people finally get fed up with this sort of stuff and simply start shooting when they see those familiar red and/or blue lights in their rear-view mirrors.

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