I am Og, Son of Fire. My peoples have lived in the great Frozen since beyond my grandfather’s grandfather’s memory. In recent seasons, though, things have been changing. The Warm time has begun to arrive earlier and stay longer. There are fewer blizzards during the Cold time. Game is more plentiful; even Grog brought down an aurochs a few moons back.

On a fine and warm day, I gathered my spears and took a day’s walk to the Wall Of Mart. As always, there were many shiny things that Og doesn’t know how to use, but they are pretty to look at. Og found himself in the place where there are the items for daily life. There were still those bendy sticks that claim to be useful to catch fish. Everyone knows that you make a light spear to take fish! These people from the Mart tribe have quite the sense of humor. The collapsing caves were still there. Og doesn’t know how you’re supposed to stay dry in one, but this is likely another example of Mart humor.

Then Og saw them: behind the stone-you-can-see-through, they were there!

CCI Mini Mags, 40gr solid point

CCI Mini Mags, 36gr HP

CCI Stingers

CCI Subsonic

Winchester “X” (50 round box)

American Eagle (40 round box)

Lots of .22LR! Og may have to reconsider that the shaman is right. We just might be leaving the great Frozen for warmer times.

(WalMart, today, 17 July 2017)

Oh yeah, the price: $7.47/100 MiniMags, which is the old price from before Mr. Obama started messing with the market.

One Response to “Thawing”

  1. Phil says:

    There is a Wally World about a mile from me.
    The true test is going to be if Bi-Mart has any.

    They have been getting small amounts for the last several years every week on Thursday that ever even make it to the shelf.

    If there is some on the shelf then I will be amazed.