Consequences, Ivan, Consequences

HELSINKI (AP) — Sweden and Finland have joined a British-led military rapid reaction force that can either operate alone or jointly with the United Nations, NATO or the European Union.

The two non-NATO members joined the Joint Expeditionary Force on Friday when Sweden’s Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist and his Finnish counterpart Jussi Niinisto signed a deal in Stockholm in the presence of British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, who called it “a force of friends.”

The unit can consist of up to 10,000 troops from Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. It can be used in combat, deterrence or humanitarian support.

Additionally, and most importantly:

In recent years, Finns and Swedes have strengthened their military cooperation with NATO and bilaterally with London and Washington, mainly due to neighboring Russia’s behavior in the Baltic region.

Tovarisch Putin is many things, but stupid isn’t one of them, so I can’t easily explain why he didn’t see this as a consequence of both his Ukrainian adventures and the saber-rattling he’s been up to in the Baltics. Let’s not forget that the Finns gave Stalin more than he could handle, and moreover, the Swedes (along with the rest of Scandinavia) set up Kievan Rus, which dominated Russia until the rise of the Duchy of Muscovy in the 16th Century. I cannot imagine that the Russians want any part of a horde of pissed-off Scandinavians and Finns running around the Rodina.

Then there are the animals the Norsemen brought along with them:

Russhins? Traditional delicacy amongst mai peeples!

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