Vacation for Me, But Prison for Thee

A 19-year-old Detroit teen now faces up to 20 years in prison for what he claims was an accident. Juwan Plummer has multiple charges against him, including intentional discharge of a firearm in a building causing serious injury after shooting two police officers he thought were breaking into his home.

Plummer’s father, Vincent Redd said his son was shaken up from an attempted break-in the week prior and said he didn’t know the officers were called to the neighborhood to investigate suspicious activity. “They’d been looking at this house and that house,” Redd said. “He was in the basement and he heard a noise on the side of the house coming towards the front.”

That’s when Plummer fired a single-shot through the front window in hopes to scare away who he assumed were burglars. Prosecutors last week said that however wasn’t the case because the two officers were in full uniform and allegedly knocked on the door. Plummer alleges he didn’t hear a knock.

“He never heard anyone announce themselves,” Redd said. “He just saw flashlights down by the window and heard a noise approaching the porch.”

Let’s review, shall we? Armed trespassers with neither permission nor warrant. That’s a good shoot in my book. If the Detroit police had a trace of honor, they would patch their wounded, and take steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again. But of course they don’t, and instead they’ll do their utmost to ruin this 19 year-olds life.

And of course they announced themselves. I have a very nice bridge for sale if you believe that.

Here’s local coverage: Absolutely no pro-cop bias to be seen there, no sirree.

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