Getting Closer

There was a pro-Trump rally (billed as a free speech/tax day thing) today in Berkeley. Yeah, I know, IRL trolling, and it worked. Sure as the sunrise, the Antifa thugs showed up and employed pepper spray and fireworks against a Constitutionally protected activity.

So far, I haven’t seen any news articles on this, but this guy has an aggregation of videos:

Unlike previous incidents, people are fighting back against these thugs.

The coppers? Sure, right there to arrest at least one person defending himself (according to the link).

This is going to continue until it’s too painful for these thugs to do their shtick. By painful I mean gunshots, complete with bodies needing to be taken to the morgue. This, unfortunately, is a short-term solution. Yes, it’ll make Antifa scarce, but at the same time, it’ll bring the cold civil war we have now hot. And I’m pretty sure that would be a bad thing.

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Aside: embedded videos from Twitter play just fine in Ubuntu, instead of the normal “the media could not be played” message I generally get using IE. Looking better all the time, I’m tellin’ ya.

UPDATE 1930hrs, 16 April: There’s a lot more coverage out there now. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding out about this.

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