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Some years back I got my sweaty mitts on an ASUS EeePC, a 1005HAB to be exact. It had XP Home on it, and for awhile it was a nice little machine. Nowadays, though, XP is old, slow, and creaky, and IE8 doesn’t play well with the current Internets, so it’s been just sitting there for the last couple of years.

I’ve been toying/thinking about some flavor of Linux for more than a decade, but hadn’t actually done anything about it. Well, kinda: I have the installation disks for Linux Mandrake around here someplace, but I have never used them.

So now we come to that giant ball of suck and fail known as Windows 10, plus that Windows 7 will stop being supported in 2020, and procrastinating is off the table.

Re-enter the Eee. There’s a flavor of Ubuntu known as Eeebuntu, which has all the proprietary drivers needed to make the Eee run properly. Now that was based on Ubuntu 8, and it had some problems. Then came the fix, which was based on U9, and that was much better, but still not perfect, so I sequentially updated Ubuntu (which is the proper way to do it) to 12, then 14, and now 16. These are all LTS, Long Term Support, and all the Eee thingies work just fine.

So all of today’s blogging is being done on the Eee, using Ubuntu.

What’s it like? Well, M$ has a small army of lawyers without enough to do, so the GUI is enough different to hold them at bay. What that means is that everything is the same, yet different. It took a lot of time at first to find things, but with some trigger time, that objection is rapidly fading away.

Actually, the “worst” part is the tiny keyboard on the Eee; the OS is just fine. A major plus is that unlike Windows, Ubuntu doesn’t fling things all over the HDD, so you don’t need to constantly defrag the disk. In fact, there’s no such thing as a defragging program available.

As the end-of-support for Win7 looms, I will be installing Linux, likely Mint as of this writing, and walking away from Microsoft and its datamining and big brotherism for good.

Linux is looking better all the time ™.

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