(Bill Gates Sucks)

This isn’t new, I’m writing about this for those that might not know about it.

One of the issues surrounding Windows 10 is the data mining. M$ uploads pretty much everything the end user does, allegedly to “improve user experience” or somesuch nonsense.

That’s bad enough, but M$ has installed that “feature” on older OS disguised as an “Update”.

It’s called Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry and it runs during boot-up. Your biggest tell is your computer is booted up, but you cannot do anything, or opening up your email client or a web browser takes a long time.

There are two fixes for this, three actually (the third is to wipe your drive and install Linux, but I’ll assume you don’t want to do that yet):

1) Delete and hide the offending KB. Certainly killing-it-with-fire (not to mention salting the earth and poisoning the wells) will work, but recall the run up to the Windows 10 release: M$, in yet another mislabeled Update, installed most of the files needed to install 10 on your box. And for those who knew about it and deleted (and hid) it, M$ responded by installing it again. I don’t know if this is a problem, because I went with option 2.

2) Turn it off. The offending spyware is controlled through the Services window. Turning it off stops it from running while making Windows Update think that the thing is installed, because it is. It’s just not running. I haven’t had any problems since I did that.

Doing The Deed: input “Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry” along with your flavor of Windows (7, 8.1, etc.) into your browser, and a list of helpful links will appear that’ll walk you through the process. It takes longer to read the instructions than it does to do it, so it’s not at all complicated.

Linux is looking better all the time ™.

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