So Much Winning

Alright, I gotta tell you that I’m a coffee snob. How so, you ask? Sitting on my kitchen counter is both a small espresso machine and a grinder. Yep, I’m one of those people. So the antics of the Starbucks CEO was a gigantic pain. Not because *$ (get it? Star Bucks? Come on!) is the best stuff around (it isn’t) but their quality control and packaging is top notch. Y’see, coffee doesn’t age well, and getting into one of *$’s packages is like trying to open an MRE with wet hands. This means that the beans are extremely fresh. And now, I can go back to buying the stuff from the local market (you really didn’t think I would $pend the time/gasoline to actually go there, did you?)

When he (Howard Schulz) invoked that “Let’s Talk About Racism”, or whatever it was, I tsked a bit, but I don’t go to their stores, so I didn’t have to endure that. I held my nose and kept buying their coffee from the supermarket. The refugee thing? Dealbreaker. We all know the prevailing meme about barristas, but along with the archetypal blue-haired harpies with X-Studies degrees are actual, sensible young people (including high-schoolers) who are just getting started in the working world. Every refugee hired by *$ under that hare-brained scheme meant that a deserving individual wouldn’t get a chance. To H*ll with that: boycott.

The nail in Schultz’ coffin came in January. In response to Trump’s first travel order, the Leftist crybaby announced that Starbucks would preferentially hire refugees worldwide. Those rapists aren’t looking for work; they’re looking for white women to rape and liberal snowflakes to help them force Sharia law on the civilized world.

Delusional Leftist that he is, Schultz claimed the ensuing boycotts by Conservatives would have no effect. Wishful thinking.

As we previously reported, Starbucks lost 24% of its brand value.

Starbucks’ board took the hint. And as we noted last month, boycott-fueled sales’ decreases forced Schultz out. His replacement starts this month.

What’s more, to make amends with conservatives, Starbucks announced a HUGE expansion of their veteran hiring program on Wednesday. To date, they’ve hired more than 10,000 veterans and their spouses. Not only that, but due to the hiring program’s success, they will expand their goal to 25,000.

If only I could get one of the cats to get things going in the morning…

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  1. bettysteve says:

    speaking of coffee, said to the wife recently, they took the coffee grinders out of the supermarkets. As a kid l would love the tea and coffee isle just for the aroma that was strongest around the grinding machine. Spose, health regulations and stuff, they pulled them all out. It’s sad though, that isle just isn’t the same anymore