Everything Is His Fault


How Donald Trump Shot The Gun Industry In The Gut

Gee, hyperbole much?

You don’t really need to follow the link, as it doesn’t really say anything you don’t already know: sales are down because people don’t fear any impending control encroachments, suppressors sales are down due to the impending Hearing Protection Act, and lastly, this is America, where market forces matter. And because of that, companies are laying people off.

The Moral Of The Story: there’s a lot of inventory floating around out there right now, and it might not be a bad idea to do some shopping because you might get a good deal. Certainly better than what you might’ve gotten a year ago.

Let’s face it: everybody retires eventually, even America’s Greatest Gun Salesman.

One Response to “Everything Is His Fault”

  1. Ben C says:

    I would say the suppressor inventory stagnating is a combination of both the ridiculous increase in sales from January to July last year as a result of 41F, and unrealistic expectations on the passage of the hearing protection act. Many folks who were on the fence bought before July to try to avoid additional paperwork, and when you combine that fact with very few new products released since to continue to drive sales suppressors are going to be a tight market for a bit.

    Even worse, the backlog from 41F still isn’t cleared and we’re 9 months past the implementation date, which is a steaming crock of BS for another day. Many folks who bought pre-july last year still don’t have their products and aren’t real excited to buy more when they still can’t get what they have to see what they do or don’t like about them.