A Range of Poor Choices

This fall will mark the 100th Anniversary of the October Revolution, which brought about the establishment of the USSR. People, up to and including the Russian Government, are ambivalent on how to mark the centennial.

Do they celebrate the Holodomor? The gulags? The purges? The triumphs of Soviet industry like the Lada? Talk about being between a rockski and a hard place, amirite?


“Many people are posing the question: ‘Is it only 100 years or has it already been 100 years?’

And that’s without figuring in my take on the matter, which is that the USSR was merely a change in dynasty and nobility. I mean, let’s face it, Russia only adopted a Western style system of government (such as they have) in the 1990’s. And despite that observation, they’re still ahead of the Chinese, who did the same thing but are still in the thrall of the Mao Dynasty.

It’ll be interesting to see what they do, both in what they commemorate and what they don’t.

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