What Would You Choose?


Two things:

1) This is a dangerous website. You can easily lose a couple of hours clicking on stuff. You have been warned.

2) I really don’t care about this. An excuse was presented to me to once again talk about bacon, and I’m going with it.

So, what would I choose?

Appetizer: Bacon wrapped scallops

Main: Bacon wrapped filet mignon

Side: Bacon wrapped tater tots

Side: String beans with bacon crumbles

Dessert: Two of those bacon maple doughnuts from that place in Granolaville

Not only would that be yummy, there’s a non-zero chance that the combination of fat, nitrates (nitrites?), and salt would kill me before they could strap me to the gurney, thus depriving the state the chance to kill me. Win!!


(This is a .gif, which doesn’t seem to be .gif-ing. Do the right-click/save thing to see this in all its’ glory.)

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