I’m Gonna Need More Cat Food


TWRA confirms cougars in Tennessee

(…) At least nine cougar sightings have been confirmed. TWRA said they will be monitoring the natural expansion of the cougar.
“Obviously, they are coming this way: there’s a few scattered records here and there and I think they will be here at some point, coming down from the north. We obviously have a lot of deer in this area so the prey is here for them to have,” said Colclough.
According to TWRA cougars, once they establish a home range [it] can be up to 150 miles. They can travel up to 600 miles or more to find that home range.

I do have some time. I wonder how many cans of Friskies a cougar goes through at a single sitting?

UPDATE: a commenter suggests 18 cans. While obviously an estimate, it’s certainly more helpful than “as many as it wants”, as true as that is.

3 Responses to “I’m Gonna Need More Cat Food”

  1. B says:

    Figure my cats weigh about 8 lbs each (house cats), and they each eat about a can of food a meal (twice a day)..

    Which is how I came up with 18 cans.

  2. Peter says:

    Got it.

    That pretty much agrees with what goes on around here.