A Surfeit of Riches

So there I was, sitting in front of the computer and I hear the unmistakable sound of cats declaring their undying love and high regard for one another. I go downstairs to check it out and what do I find but a pair of orange cats on the steps to the front porch, neither one of them being Agent Orange.


1) A light orange short hair with some white markings.

2) A long haired cat with similar color and markings, although this one has a white chest.

They’re so involved with deciding who gets access to Agent Orange’s (very) empty food dish that they don’t notice/react to my coming outside and taking a front row seat to the festivities. After some more growling and posturing, the short hair hops up onto the porch rail and goes around to the side of the house. The long hair (whom I’m provisionally naming Orange Fluff until he decides to tell me what his name is) stretches out, rolls over a few times and then comes over to say hello. This tells me that he had Staff (humans) at one point, because true ferals don’t talk, nor do they approach people readily. He sniffs around, and along the way backs his butt against stuff in the way that male cats do to mark territory, which is why I’m tentatively identifying him as male (I sure couldn’t see any harbls in all the fluff). And because nothing came out, I’m also provisionally assuming that he’s been fixed.

I carefully get around him without spooking him and get the mail, bring the recycling bin back from the curb, and go into the back yard to check on the Totally Unhappy banana trees (it was down to 40F night before last, which is 25 degrees colder than what they’re supposed to be able to tolerate. Honestly, about the only thing I know about bananas is where to find them at the store, so I’m going on guesswork here). Anyway, I find Agent Orange sprawled on the back porch, wondering if those two are still at it. Cats, heh.

OK: the two fruiting stalks/stems on the bananas are no-kidding dead. Or at least that’s what they look like. I’m going to leave them as is for a couple of months just in case they decide to rejuvenate when the temps go up. The two Contestants follow me (probably to make sure I’m not smuggling a bucket of KFC or a few elkburgers over to Agent Orange), at which point Agent Orange had quite enough with these interlopers and chased them off. Encore l’Heh: she’s not a terribly big cat, but she fearlessly defends her territory. Good kitty!

So here’s the question, Dear Reader: we all know that cats come in all sorts of colors and markings. Calico, black, white, grey, tabby, etc. WHY DO THESE TWO HAVE TO BE ORANGE TOO? Yeah, I know, a First World problem. But still, orange?

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