Kerodin & Nye

So, I, like a lot of us, are paying attention to the course of events in Oregon. I’ve been clicking away like a madman, trying to keep up with things, and then it hit me:

Sam Fucking Kerodin!

You know, Mister Mountain of Skulls, Mister Throat Slitter, Mister Step Off The Porch, Mister Going Hard himself. It’s not as easy as it used to be keeping up with Shrimpycakes after folks started asking questions about all the money he’s solicited, and especially after he made up a reporter to go after a former Board member’s employment. People have rightly disassociated themselves and have scrubbed links to his self-serving website, so it takes some doing to find a link (I won’t put a bookmark here, and I take pains to make it as hard as possible for him to know when I swing by).

I had been visiting once a month or so just to see what the little narcissist was up to, but since others had been wondering what Shrimpycakes was going to do about Malheur, I’ve been visiting every coupla days. He mentioned a day or two ago that “IIIPS boots will be on the ground by Friday”, which was today. He then let it be known that one of his minions had gone out there with some supplies. Must be a real comfortable porch you got there, Sammy.

Now usually when Sammy The K posts some of his patented drivel he’ll get a comment or two, usually from the same people (likely those who haven’t sent him money). But I noticed several posts with a bunch of comments. That is a fairly good sign that someone is taking him to task over his bullshenannigans. I initially wanted to see if he had upped his game when responding, but no: disdain, deflection, name-calling and all his other, tired non-responses.

And then I noticed something else:


Yes, he posts as “Anonymous”, but I’d know that writing style and word choice anywhere. Yeah, Billy-boy, I know you had to drop out of school in kindergarten, but seriously, style manuals are available for free on the net these days. Do yourself a favor and at least skim one.

As usual, he’s taking pot shots at his enemies list: Mike V. (whom he refers to as “che”), Artic Patriot, Wirecutter, Dio, Soffitrat, and Yours Truly. If one is defined by one’s enemies, I stand in very good company indeed.

Getting crap is almost a requirement these days on the internet, but I wanted to point out exactly what Bill Nye, the East Texas Asshole, is doing: he’s hiding behind Anonymous and doing so on a website whose owner is highly unlikely to publish any response I might care to make. And the thing is, if it weren’t for this Malheur thing, I probably never would have noticed. And then I started going through some of Sam’s older posting to find that Bill has been doing so since before Christmas.

That’s pretty weak shit there, Bill. Cowardly, in fact.

You have something to say to me, Bill? Say it here, and let me remind you of the Rules of Engagement:

Your comments get published entirely, unlike what you did to me at several of your old blogs.

I will not delete a comment and then cherry pick the deleted comment to respond to, as you did to me.

I will not take an idiom out of context and then use it to make gratuitous sexual references, as you did to me.

What say you, Billy-boy? You have the spine to debate me openly?

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