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Shout Out to All the Gungrabbers

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Keep it up, guys. We all know that taking everyone’s firearms away is totally going to work, right?

Oh, wait:

And that’s not even considering the stuff I have lying around.

Beyond Parody

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

As you’re probably tired of hearing, there was an eclipse today for a good deal of the country. I’m well off the track, so no PORTENTS OF DOOOM for me. Somebody about a block and a half away has ignored the local ordinance prohibiting chickens within the “city” limits and there’s a rooster who keeps running his beak very early in the morning, so I even had a chicken handy to sacrifice. Talk about being prepared, amirite?

Anyway, as y’all also know, us white folks are full up to the eyebrows in barely disguised racism. We know this because we hardly ever think about race, and it’s fortunate that there are those on the Left who cannot seem to think about anything else. Unless it’s sexism. Or islamophobia. (Aside: the spell-checker hadn’t heard of “islamophobia”, so there’s some hope.)

Back to the eclipse. You might think that this was a natural phenomenon, and wondrous in its’ own right, but you’d be wrong you deplorable Klansman:

Please don’t click on the link; it was bad enough that I had to.

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will arrive mid-morning on the coast of Oregon. The moon’s shadow will be about 70 miles wide, and it will race across the country faster than the speed of sound, exiting the eastern seaboard shortly before 3 p.m. local time. It has been dubbed the Great American Eclipse, and along most of its path, there live almost no black people.

The article continues in that vein, and I was planning to mine some more choice quotes, but the Stupid overwhelmed me and I had to stop.

Just remember: you’re the bigot, not the ones who obsess over it daily. Keep telling yourself that.

Going Home at the End of Their Shift

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

So, Charlottesville.

I’ve read a bunch of articles, all of which lied to me in one form or another. I’m reminded of Henry Kissenger’s reaction to the Iran-Iraq war during the 1980’s: “Too bad they can’t both lose”, pretty much because I’m sure if either side took control of the US, I’d end up in a camp. Or a ditch.

Now that we’re about a day past the festivities, some better researched and nuanced stories are turning up, and that’s what I want to talk about. First we have what’s pretty much an op-ed piece from The Truth About Knives:

(…) Another difference is that I can honestly state that in all my years of existence I have never seen so many cops stand down when laws were being broken right in front of them. (…)

(The writer was referencing both Berkeley in February, and Charlottesville yesterday.)

Even the execrable Huffington Post noticed:

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — There was nothing haphazard about the violence that erupted today in this bucolic town in Virginia’s heartland. At about 10 a.m. today, at one of countless such confrontations, an angry mob of white supremacists formed a battle line across from a group of counter-protesters, many of them older and gray-haired, who had gathered near a church parking lot. On command from their leader, the young men charged and pummeled their ideological foes with abandon. One woman was hurled to the pavement, and the blood from her bruised head was instantly visible.

Standing nearby, an assortment of Virginia State Police troopers and Charlottesville police wearing protective gear watched silently from behind an array of metal barricades — and did nothing.

Tucked behind a radar gun to steal from folks for going too fast is much safer, doncha know. Or, for that matter, tossing a flash-bang into a toddler’s crib. Gotta make it home after the shift is done, you know.

That Escalated Quickly

Sunday, August 6th, 2017

So in today’s ElfChat ™, we were having a fairly adult conversation about North Korea, and suddenly it goes off the rails:

Dean Kalifornia: Give it to the South and they sell us rare earth metals


thedweeze: and don’t forget that the Norks have been positing us as the main enemy for 60 years….US troops in NK would create an “unfortunate” reaction…let the SK do it

Jeffersonian1: yeah, SK isn’t using those hand-me-down Garands anymore

thedweeze: heh

thedweeze: they can conquer NK by handing out those exploding cell phones

Jeffersonian1: dah-dum-kish

thedweeze: oh, and painting the Korean equivalent of “the South shall rise again!” on their tanks

Jeffersonian1: “Oh I whish I was in the land of kimchee”

thedweeze: [takes thought, runs with it]

Jeffersonian1: AS I KNEW YOU WOULD

Jeffersonian1: “Look away, look away, look away, Panmunjom”

Jeffersonian1: and few if any of our readers will understand

thedweeze: and then accuse us of being pro-slavery

Dean Kalifornia: North Dixie?

Dean Kalifornia: Oh we’re all stuck n the land of Rotten

Jeffersonian1: “Long pork fried in Marxist batter / makes Kim Jong Un a little fatter”

Dean Kalifornia: Bad times there are all we’ve gotten

Jeffersonian1: Dweeze, you’re copying this down right?

Dean Kalifornia: Hum a few bars

thedweeze: [dear Lord! What have I done? They’re *both* doing it!]


Dean Kalifornia: Hears distant banjos, paddle faster

Keep Pushing

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

For some reason, the web page won’t let me copy/paste anything. But no matter, it’s just as stupid as you think it is. It must be nice making suggestions when you aren’t the one who is going to enforce your plan.

Although it might be interesting if they actually tried to carry this out. Think about it: about how many “environmental scientists” would survive the backlash? I’m thinking none, and I cannot see any downside to that.

Get Off My Lawn

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

(If this weren’t published by the Wall Street Journal, I’d suspect this of being a bit of sly humor)

“I was just kind of surprised that this is technology that exists,” says Mr. Sisco, 28 years old. “It’s been awesome. It doesn’t log out and it doesn’t skip.”

Let’s hear a round of applause for TV antennas, often called “rabbit ears,” a technology invented roughly seven decades ago, long before there was even a cord to be cut, which had been consigned to the technology trash can along with cassette tapes and VCRs.

The antenna is mounting a quiet comeback, propelled by a generation that never knew life before cable television, and who primarily watch Netflix , Hulu and HBO via the internet. Antenna sales in the U.S. are projected to rise 7% in 2017 to nearly 8 million units, according to the Consumer Technology Association, a trade group.

Mr. Sisco, an M.B.A. student in Provo, Utah, made his discovery after inviting friends over to watch the Super Bowl in 2014. The online stream he found to watch the game didn’t have regular commercials—disappointing half of his guests who were only interested in the ads.

“An antenna was not even on my radar,” he says. He went online and discovered he could buy one for $20 and watch major networks like ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS free.

What strikes me is the complete ignorance of older tech. I could talk about the Pye of England shortwave receiver that I had as a kid, which used tubes (although the blokes that built it would’ve called them “valves”), but no. And speaking of the ALMIGHTY INTERNETS, I could also tell you about my time on the “net” in the early-middle 70’s, when it was called the ARPANET, but that’s also not the point. Plus there’s the evergreen observation about how I walked elebenteen miles to school. In the snow. Uphill. Both ways.

Amusing, but nah.

What I will talk about isn’t the subject of the article, who I’m sure is a nice fellow, but all of his contemporaries. You’ve heard of them, I’m sure; the ones who are certain that everything about you and me is y-ist and/or x-phobe. Here’s the thing that makes them different than us. It wasn’t the irritating smug self-assurance of the twenty-something: you and I were exactly that annoying at that age. It’s that we developed and then gave them the modern communication infrastructure that ensures that they won’t shut up nor will they just Go Away. See, you and me were full of ourselves on an individual basis, or at worst to a small group. These mopes can reach anyone with an internet connection, and they try their best to do so.

But they’re still basically parrots without an original thought in their pointy little heads and without enough life experience to realize that the mush their teachers filled their heads with might not be entirely a reflection of reality. We just cannot walk far away enough from them for their self-righteous drivel to blend into the background noise.

What to do? I’m thinking ridicule. A few of them will get a glimpse that the Real World isn’t as cut-and-dried as they’ve been led to believe. Those are the good ones; they’ll eventually wise up. The rest will get PO’d that you’re not taking them seriously and stomp off, which is what we want. What makes that even better is that the poor wounded Dears will think that they’re punishing you by taking away your access to their Enlightened perspective. AMF!

This Would Be Nice

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) introduced legislation Monday aimed at nullifying state-level gun controls that exceed gun controls put in place by the federal government.

Rep. Collins, who represents the 27th Congressional District (for those of you keeping score at home), is clearly taking aim (SWIDT?) at the odious and execrable SAFE Act, but this would apply across the nation. As a Floridian, I’ve been watching as more than one attempt to restore the open carriage of firearms has either been torpedoed or has been burdened with ridiculous requirements, such as open carry being only for CCW holders. This would also kill the recently enacted laws in Washington State and Oregon that requires somebody buying a firearm privately to submit to the equally odious NICS background check.

This might actually cause me to write to my Representative and Senators in non-profane language.


Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

XR5 Tactical Assault Rock


The best review of this undoubtedly fine product is subtitled “Still More Useful Than a Lieutenant”.

Mark The Date!

Monday, July 31st, 2017

I’m about to do something rare; even rarer than hen’s teeth. I am going to praise something in California!

Convicted pot felons that want to own a legal marijuana business in Oakland will now be prioritized under new, radical permit rules designed to make amends for the United States’ war on drugs.

The city’s new Equity Permit Program calls for 50 per cent of all licenses for medical marijuana facilities to go to Oaklanders imprisoned for a pot offence in the last 10 years, or to residents of six neighbourhoods that police have excessively targeted for drug arrests.

Of course, being California, they have to get there by way of the Crazytown Expressway:

“Communities of color have been negatively and disproportionately impacted by disparate enforcement of cannabis laws,” reads the ordinance introducing the rules.

Sigh. If we want to stop this nonsense over race, it would help if we just stopped it, OK? Crafting exceptions and carve-outs for minorities isn’t the way to get that done, although I understand the impetus.

Another thing that would help is to be honest about what’s going on here. One of the national myths we operate under is that we’re a “classless society”, which is nonsense. This was early American propaganda against the Brits, who are all over that upper vs. lower class distinction stuff. So instead of being honest with ourselves and admitting that along with all the good things we took from the English, we also got a few not so good ones. As a result we’ve used skin color as a class marker while proclaiming that class doesn’t matter. If we really were as obsessed about that skin color thing as folks nowadays seem to be, you’ll need to explain the existence of terms such as “po’ white trash” and “hillbillies” to me.

Nevertheless, today is a banner day. I’m actually praising something that originates in the People’s Republic. I wonder when we’ll get around to admitting that the War On Drugs was a mistake. After that, I wonder when we’ll finally realize that whenever the Government starts talking about a War On X, it’s time for impeachment, recall, and maybe a bit of recreational tar-and-feathering.


Monday, July 31st, 2017


Normally, this is where I’d excerpt the living daylights out of the linked article, but if I did that here, I’d end up quoting pretty much the entire thing. So go and read.

Afterthought: In addition to my amazement that a fairly mainstream organ published this, there’s my additional amazement that this was published by the notoriously squishy National Review, whose normal MO is to advocate for rightish policies and philosophies unless it threatens their access to all those high-status cocktail parties given by OPFOR within the Beltway.