HA Ha!!!

June 22nd, 2017

A perfect, almost textbook example of “Alinsky-ing” the people for whom Rules for Radicals were written. This is Rule #4, for those of you keeping score at home:

4.”Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.

This is why, no matter what organization you’re aligned with, that when somebody starts pontificating about “who we are vs. who they are”, they need to be taken out and buried in the nearest ditch.

Long Past Time

June 20th, 2017


WASHINGTON – Facing a Justice Department seeking to crack down on medical marijuana jurisdictions, Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and a group of bipartisan lawmakers on Thursday reintroduced legislation that would allow states to set their own medical marijuana policies free from the threat of federal prosecution.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions in May asked that Congress eliminate protections for medical marijuana users and proprietors in legal states, so that the department could crack down on illegal activity and combat dangerous drug traffickers in the midst of a historic drug epidemic. Sessions in his May 1 letter to leaders in both chambers asked lawmakers to remove the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, which bars DOJ from spending appropriated funds to prosecute medical marijuana users and proprietors in legal states.

“Dangerous drug traffickers’? Stop your efforts to criminalize the stuff, and you’ll see the disappearance of those so-called ‘dangerous drug traffickers”.

The War on Drugs has been an abject failure, and it’s high (SWIDT? Heh) time we gave it up. I know that there are plenty of folks who think that all prohibitions should be removed, but I’m not one of them. There are any number of substances whose use results in bad acts by those who have become addicted, so some level of restriction should be upheld. How much? I not only don’t know, but I cannot hazard a guess as to how that would be structured, other than my certainty that the Gummint will abuse that power, however circumscribed.

Let’s also not forget that drug prohibition is something far outside the Federal Government’s ambit, if you look that that pesky Constitution thingy. One of many areas in which the mandarins have imposed their will upon us. Also remember that the States are, at least on paper, sovereign. Sure, there are areas where the Feds should impose themselves so that we all get treated the same, but they went right past that decades ago. Keeping the Feds away from people’s bongs is a small, necessary step. Then we can go on to the next thing. Not to mention it gives something for Congress to do, and as long as they’re talking sense like this, it helps to prevent us from hanging them. Win-win.

Dog Bites Man

June 20th, 2017


(Warning: dreaded auto-play torture!)

So I endured the video that ABC just had to show me, and there’s nothing “suspected” there. I’d say they were the real thing. Here’s the funny part:

Police are trying to determine how the artifacts entered Argentina.

I’m sure they’re also still wondering how all those Nazis got into Argentina, too.

That’s One Way to “Petition the Government”

June 17th, 2017


Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie and 23 other GOP lawmakers on Thursday introduced a bill responding to the congressional baseball practice shooting that would allow individuals with concealed carry permits from other states to carry guns in the District of Columbia.

While the baseball practice shooting took place in Virginia, a state that already has a gun reciprocity law, the sponsors of the bill argue that it is the District’s law that prevented lawmakers and staff from being armed during practice since they were traveling to and from Washington.

This doesn’t sound all that promising, I know. But read this part:

Loudermilk is one of the 23 initial co-sponsors of Massie’s bill, which would extend reciprocity in D.C. to any individual with a valid conceal carry permit from their home state, not just members of Congress.

“Our reaction should instead be to protect the right of all citizens guaranteed in the Constitution: the right to self-defense,” Massie said in a statement. “I do not want to extend a special privilege to politicians, because the right to keep and bear arms is not a privilege, it is a God-given right protected by our Constitution.”

Should this go through over the shrieks of “Dodge City” and “gunfights over parking spaces”, and of course the ever popular “think of the chilllldren!!!”, the lack of the aforementioned will be a boost to the national reciprocity movement.

I wonder if that murderous Bernie Bro would’ve done what he did if he knew that this was going to be the reaction from his victims. What am I saying? Long-term thinking from a leftie?

Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots. On Mars.

June 16th, 2017


The full article is here:


Spacex is estimating they wil be able to achieve $140,000 per ton for the trips to Mars. If a person plus their luggage is less than that, taking into account food consumption and life support, the cost of moving to Mars could ultimately drop below $100,000.

Cost will be brought down 5 million percent with
* fully reusable rocket
* orbital refueling
* Propellent production on Mars
* CH4 / O2 DEEP-CRYO Methalox fuel

The Spacex ITS (Interplanetary Transport Systme) rocket booster is really a scaled-up version of the Falcon 9 booster. There are a lot of similarities, such as the grid fins and clustering a lot of engines at the base. The big differences are that the primary structure is an advanced form of carbon fiber as opposed to aluminum lithium, we use autogenous pressurization, and we get rid of the helium and the nitrogen.

Spcex has been able to optimize the propellant needed for boost back and landing to get it down to about 7% of the lift-off propellant load. With some optimization, maybe we can get it down to about 6%.

Spacex is now getting quite comfortable with the accuracy of the landing of rockets. With the addition of maneuvering thrusters, they think they can actually put the booster right back on the launch stand. Then, those fins at the base are essentially centering features to take out any minor position mismatch at the launch site.

If you haven’t already, go and watch the videos of the first stage landing. Trust me, it never gets old. I only hope that this gets going before my bones get too brittle to withstand the g-forces involved in takeoff.

(Reference for the post title here: http://seeemilyplay.therealgunguys.com/?p=5850#comments)

Death for Thee…

June 16th, 2017

…Acquittal for me. I first saw this on Twitchy:


and then followed an embedded link to the Washington Post, from where I will be quoting:


The Minnesota police officer who fatally shot Philando Castile during a traffic stop was acquitted on all charges by a jury Friday, a decision that came nearly a year after the encounter was partially streamed online before a rapt nation in the midst of a painful reckoning over shootings by law enforcement.

Not nearly as “painful” as being shot, especially without any justification, but let’s just go with it. And speaking of “painful”, I find it pretty “painful” that I’m not the least bit surprised at the verdict, and I’m sure you’re feeling just as “painful” as well.

Honestly, if this was all there was to it, I wouldn’t have bothered. It’s not any sort of secret that there are multiple levels of “justice” in this country, and pointing out yet again that disparity is a waste of time. This will continue until enough of us make it too “painful” to continue with this sort of nonsense.

Here’s what I found noteworthy:

Officials in St. Anthony, Minn., where Yanez worked as a police officer, said he would not return to the police department from leave after the trial. They said they have decided “the public will be best served if Officer Yanez is no longer a police officer in our city.”

Yeah, let some other jurisdiction scrape his remains off their street. But it gets worse:

“The city intends to offer Officer Yanez a voluntary separation agreement to help him transition to another career other than being a St. Anthony officer,” the city said in a statement. “The terms of this agreement will be negotiated in the near future, so details are not available at this time. In the meantime, Officer Yanez will not return to active duty.”

You got that? He blows someone away without justification, gets off on no less than three felony charges related to that execution, and his soon to be ex-employer is going to offer him both a settlement to go away and to “help him transition to another career”. I’d like to say that he’s going to transition to being fish food at the bottom of Lake Michigan, but we all know that he’ll show up, in uniform, in some other police department. Where his new Brothers-in-Blue will buy him a beer and congratulate him on his good aim.

It just keeps getting worse:

During the trial, Kauser defended Yanez, his former partner.

“I think he followed protocol,” testified Kauser, who has since switched departments, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “I trust him as a partner, and he did what he’s supposed to do in that situation.”

“Since switched departments”. Why am I getting the image of rats abandoning a sinking ship? Or the city’s lawyers playing CYA as hard as they can?

From another link, we have the final insult to injury:


Yanez’s attorney, Earl Gray, told the jury of five women and seven men during the trial that his client “did what he had to do.”

“None of this would have happened but for Philando Castile,” Gray said in court, according to the Star Tribune. “[Yanez] sees the gun and [Castile] doesn’t follow orders. That’s enough to pull your gun out and end the threat.”

During the trial, prosecutor Jeff Paulsen said that Yanez never saw Castile’s gun and asked…

The Deceased followed all instructions, informed the badgethug that he was armed (let’s not forget this was all about a broken taillight), got shot to death for following those instructions, and it’s his fault.

Mark my words: there will be a situation where a cop is beset by no-kidding bad guys doing bad things, and ends up dead because nobody came to his aid. And in the post-mortem press conference, some suit will bemoan the fact that this happened, without ever realizing that they brought this down on themselves.

You See Any Difference? I Don’t.

June 14th, 2017


Poor Neighborhoods Hit Hardest by Asset Forfeiture in Chicago, Data Shows

That’s the full headline.

Police in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs seized $150 million over the past five years. Those seizures were heaviest in low-income neighborhoods, according to public records.

Law enforcement in Cook County, which includes Chicago, seized items from residents ranging from a cashier’s check for 34 cents to a 2010 Rolls Royce Ghost with an estimated value of more than $200,000. They also seized Xbox controllers, televisions, nunchucks, 12 cans of peas, a pair of rhinestone cufflinks, and a bayonet.

Altogether, police in Cook County performed 23,065 seizures between 2012 and 2017 using asset forfeiture, including 5,939 vehicles. Chevrolet Impalas, among the most popular rental cars in the U.S., were the model most often seized. About three-quarters of all seizures occurred in Chicago. The average estimated value of a seizure was $4,553, while the median value was $1,049. About three-quarters of all seizures were cash, not property.

Again, any of you seeing any difference between “our heroes in blue” and some common street thugs? Because I’m not seeing enough of a difference to matter.

A Novel, Not A Manual

June 14th, 2017

1984, of course.


“I’d never say gun control, never ever, ever say that. Do you want the government taking control of your life, anybody in this room? For my brother and his husband – they don’t want control by government of their lives, that’s not been a good thing for the LGBTQ community, much of any of us as Americans we don’t want government control of our lives,” she said. “We want the respect and rights and privileges and responsibilities of every other American. That’s what we want, right? That’s what we want and so that’s why we really should be talking about gun safety.”

I wonder if this cretin ever listens to what she says. Clearly she doesn’t think about it before opening up her pie hole. “Control of anything is bad, except for stuff we want to control.”

Man Bites Dog

June 14th, 2017


I don’t know which is more shocking, that these officials are actually going to be held accountable, or that NPR is reporting on a story that’s critical of Democrats.

The director of Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services, Nick Lyon, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and misconduct in office over the Flint water crisis. Both are felonies in Michigan.

The state’s chief medical executive, Dr. Eden Wells, will be charged with obstruction of justice. Four other officials, including the former Flint emergency manager and former director of public works, were also charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Let’s not overlook this part:

Officials dismissed residents’ concerns that the water was discolored and smelled.

Twelve people died as a result of this. But you know the fix is in, because instead of some flavor of murder with extra criminal indifference sauce ladled on, they’re facing involuntary manslaughter. Must be nice to have the state backing you up.


June 13th, 2017

The stubborn little guy is acclimating pretty well to life around here. He chirps and talks to me, he even gives me the “I like you” slow blink, but he won’t let me pet him. He’s obviously not afraid, as the two photos were snapped within about thirty inches of where he was:

“Walkin awn ur pooter, eetin awl teh kruncheez”

Just so you know, that pile of treats are Deathwalker’s. No, he doesn’t object to the Kitten helping himself, which is a decent indication of the level of “like” going on between those two.

The not letting me touch him is something that needs to be solved. I need to take his furry little butt to the vet to get him checked over and to deactivate his harrbls (nobody wants a male cat marking up their house. Believe me on that one).